What Are The Benefits Of A Powerflush?

Boiler manufactures recommend to powerflush your heating system, if you’re only installing a new energy efficient condensing boiler on the existing system.
If your not upgrading your whole heating system or changing the old radiators than you will need to clean the system first before a new boiler installation takes place. This one of powerflush will clean old sludge and corrosion in your heating system and will reduce the risk of you new boiler from braking.

By keeping your system clean will improve:

  • The life spam of your central heating system.
  • Increase efficiency of your heating system.
  • Reduce the risk of brake down.
  • Elimination of kettling or banging noises, on your boiler.
  • Keeps bills down

Talk to the boiler manufacture because with most manufactures if you install a new boiler on the existing system and is not powerflushed than your warranty is not valid. So careful people out there all they need to do is take water samples send them off for test and them they would be able to tell you with three to five working days.

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