How To Save Money On My Heating Costs

When your boiler is serviced annually by a qualified, gas safe registered engineer will check to make sure that your central heating system is working at its highest efficiency. Also should advice you on how to achieve the best efficiency out of your boiler, making sure you are not wasting any money on your heating and hot water systems.

1. Keep your room thermostat at around 25 degrees, this will spend less gas and save you money. In most households, there is no need for the temperature to be more than 21 to 23 degrees. Bear in mind that, the higher the temperature and the longer your boiler works that mean the more gas it will spend.

2. Having thermostatic radiator valves will give you the advantage to control radiators individually. If there is a radiator, which normally gets too hot all the time, you can turn it down on the radiator valve and that heat will be transferred to the radiators that do not get hot enough. This is called balance the heating system.

3. Have your heating power flushed to remove dirt, rust and sludge that might have accumulated over a period of time within your central heating system. Once the system is cleaned, make sure a corrosion inhibitor is put in the system and a magnetic clean filter installed on the heating return pipe, one meter away from the heat source. This will keep the system clean and protect your boiler from sludge. This will increase the efficiency and the life spam of your system.

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