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At Richmond Heating & Plumbing we believe in thoroughness. Once your boiler has been installed, it is important to book annual servicing and maintenance for your central heating system. With regular checks, you can prevent unforeseen breakdowns and ensure your gas and heating runs flawlessly all year round.

Reasons To Book An Annual Boiler Service

It’s not necessarily clear whether your boiler is working correctly. Things might seem fine on the outside, but it’s hard to foresee the faults unless you have a qualified heating engineer.

Richmond Heating & Plumbing are able to inspect your boiler in detail, examine its component parts and deal with anything that might lead to a larger breakdown. Nipping problems in the bud ensure they do not lead to longer-term breakages that require costly boiler replacements.

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Not only does regular boiler servicing save you money, it also provides peace of mind. There’s no reassurance like beginning the winter season with a reliable boiler. If keeping warm keeps you happy, then we’re proud to do our job.

What Does Boiler Servicing Involve?

Don’t worry, boiler servicing does not cause any disruption. Our engineer will check for telltale signs that could, if untreated, lead to long-term issues. For example, we might examine the boiler parts and check for leaks, corrosion or limescale build up. We’d check that the pressure is functioning correctly, that the controls respond, and that the boiler does not create harmful CO2 emissions.

Carbon Monoxide Awareness

Carbon Monoxide is a byproduct of faulty gas appliances, and in the worst cases can led to fatalities. Regular servicing stops the chances of such leaks. To that effect, boiler servicing buys you peace of mind, something we’re sure you’ll value.

Carbon Monoxide poisoning is not to be taken lightly. For more information about gas safety please visit the Be Alarmed! website, and ensure you have a working CO2 alarm.

Claim Your Peace Of Mind

If you feel an annual boiler service will benefit you and save money in the long-term, call Richmond Plumbing & Heating. We will discuss your specific setup, arrange a visit and reassure you that things are running like clockwork.

In the unfortunate event that your boiler does have problems, well that’s no problem. We don’t just service boilers, we repair and replace them also. We offer a wide range of boiler repair, installation and replacement services to ensure you get the right setup, as soon as possible.

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